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2013 Gold medal

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Whether you are looking for an Indoor Playground or a Birthday Party space, Inside Playground is the right place for you!
Celebrate your child’s birthday or other special day, or just join us for a great day of playtime in the indoor comfort and safety of our Indoor Playground facility,

  •  WIFI-accessible for parents!

  • Shoes are not allowed in the play area.  

  • Parking is always FREE!

  • Outside food is allowed!

    Come and enjoy a secure and fun-filled day with your kids at Inside Playground! They’ll be sure to thank you!

Inside Playground is an Indoor 4 Seasons Playground for both walk-ins and parties. 

We have been serving the Boston and surrounding area children since 2009!  With over a 1000 members and thousands  of  walk-ins every month, we help kids stay physically active and healthy by playing and learning all year long and in every weather.

We won't make you reserve a specific time to play and we won't charge you by the hour. With both our daily rates and memberships plans you are free to come in any time during our open play time hours and stay for as long as you want. 

Inside Playground is a lot more than just inflatables (although we do have really cool ones) we also offer a separate room where your children can sit down to read, do a puzzle, play with dolls, dress up, pretend play in little houses, play kitchen, build legos, climb a giant pirate ship and so much more.


We are the ONLY Indoor Playground in the area that offers Beam™.  A state of the art projection technology interactive floor that react like magic to the movements of the kids. Kids can play sports, solve puzzles or just enjoy interacting with their virtual environment, alone or together for active, healthy and safe play.

We are also one of the only Indoor Playgrounds that do allow you to bring your own food, snacks and drinks. We won't make you spend more money on unhealthy expensive greasy food!  And since we don't have arcade games, you don't have to worry about shelling out any extra money while at the playground.  

Please visit our FAQ's page for common questions about our facility, Walk-Ins page for open play time hours and pricing, Birthday Parties page for booking a birthday, Groups page to learn more about group rates and the Field Trips page for schools and camps filed trips. 


A Few Words From Our Customers..

"I am a fan of inside playground as are my twin toddler boys, age 4.5. Indeed, we came here for the first time on their 1 year old birthday. We come about 2-3 times a year.  Look at what they are trying to do. They are offering something that no other establishment offers: a walk-in facility, no membership or appt needed, for a reasonable price (especially if you stay for 2+ hours). I appreciate that they let you go in-and-out, they have a snack area, outside area with picnic tables and play train; inside they change the equipment, etc. "
Cynthia H. Wayland MA

" I think this place is the best! I have traveled to well over 12-15 places in MA and my kids love this the best. The space is HUGE! The fact that you can order food or bring it is a huge plus!!! I have never encountered dirty toys and as far as the mess - thats what happens at a play place. When you have 20-30 kids playing at a time, stuff will get moved around!! And when I was there last week, there was a woman who worked there and she was cleaning up the whole time. As a parent I usually pick up my own childs mess but some parents dont. And this person had everything back in place the minute a child
was done with it. Its clean, fun and there is lots to do!!! I HIGHLY recommend it!!! They also have tons of events (Coach Mike, Face painting, characters) all included in price. BY FAR BEST VALUE FOR MONEY!!!! " 
Maria, B Newton MA

"I'm on a business trip with my wife. So it's my job to keep my kids busy. This place is clean, big and plenty to do for my 3 girls. My girls age range from 3 to 8 yrs old. Bouncy houses. Big slides. And plenty of toys. I'll be making the day of it. Also there is a Mc Donald's less then a mile away so it's perfect."
Sal. C,  Westerleigh, Staten Island, NY

"Our 21-month-old daughter enjoys this place and mostly keeps busy in the toddler area (it is a separate room from the main gym floor so that the older kids can run around without disturbing the babies and toddlers).  It is stocked with two mini shopping carts that they can push around and fill with fake plastic food; a nice little kitchen with a pretend stove, fridge, and oven; a dining table with cute animal chairs they can sit in; a little wooden slide (my daughter's favorite thing to do there); a lego table with larger plastic blocks; a little plastic house; a bunch of large foam shapes they can use to build or crawl on; and so much more.  In the larger open space there are ride on all sorts of plastic cars or scooters.  There is a large jumpy thing, plenty of chairs and benches for parents/caretakers to sit in, and even a massage chair you can use. 
They don't allow food or water in the play areas but there are plenty of cubby holes to store your stuff.  Tables and chairs for eating snacks and lunch.  
The staff have been friendly.  We just went today and it was super quiet despite the 90+ degree day outside.  It's always air conditioned (or so it seems) and nice to go during the day with young ones while the others are in school.  
Getting there is a little weird because you go down a residential street (Parker Street, which is right off Mt. Auburn Street) and then it's kind of tucked into this industrial looking area that might seem sketchy to some folks.  It's a great place for rainy or super hot days though."
Candice C,  Arlington MA