1. Is parking available?
Answer: Yes, The Inside Playground has its own parking lot, and it's always free for our customers.

2. What is age appropriate?
Answer: We recommend ages 7 yrs and under.

3. How often do toys get cleaned?
Answer: We have cleaning staff working every day from open to close
so everything gets cleaned and organized every day all day long.

4. Do you close the playground for birthday parties?
Answer: We do close the playground for private events only on weekends. (please check the walk ins page for more info)  

5. Does every one have to take their shoes off?
Answer: Yes, both children and adults have to take their shoes off when entering the play area. Socks are optional but not a must.
We do recommend socks off for children to avoid slipping

6. I see animals in the pictures, do you have them every day?
Answer: No. we do not have animals here every day, we do bring them a lot every year so check out our "events" page for pony rides, petting zoos, reptile shows and more.

7. Do you sell food?
Answer: We do not sell food at the playground. We do have snack and drink vending machines. You can also bring your own food or order for delivery. We have menus of
some good pizza places around us that will be happy to deliver.

8. Is food allowed in the playground?
Answer: Food and drinks are allowed only in the snack area. There is no food of any kind and no drinks of any kind allowed in the play area. The snack area has tables and chairs for your convenience.

9. Are you closed on holidays?
Answer: We are open all year round including all holidays and school vacations unless
otherwise advertised on our website. We will make sure to put a note on the "home" page and the "hours" page if we for some reason will be closed.

10. Do you offer memberships?
Answer: Yes. we do offer a yearly membership, (prices and details are on the "walk-ins" page)
All shows and special events are free for members (pony rides, character shows, reptile shows, holiday events ,etc..) but you can also, walk-in without a membership and just pay the admission when you come in.

11. How long can we stay at the playground with paid admission?
Answer: Play time is unlimited once you paid the admission you can stay till we close and you can also leave and re-enter the same day with both a stamp and a receipt.

12. Do character shows and other events cost extra?
Answer: No, all activities at the inside playground are included in the price of admission.