Franchise Opportunity


Dear Perspective Franchisee:

Thank you very much for your interest in our franchise program at Inside Playground!

We have already received several inquiries since we posted the franchise opportunity on our website. As such, we are happy to offer an early bird discount of 50% off the $20,000 franchise fee to the first 5 locations that sign with us. Get in on the ground floor - Your community’s families will surely be thankful!

About Us

Welcome to the exciting business of children's indoor playgrounds!

Our Inside Playground facility was created in early 2009 in Watertown, MA, by Jennifer Vainstein. The idea behind Inside Playground was to provide an indoor, safe, clean, educational, and fun facility that is open 7 days a week for walk-ins and parties, and would allow children to engage with other children and families and enjoy both physical and educational activities.

Under Jennifer’s leadership, the business has grown, and is about to open a 2nd location within the first 2 years of business! Now, the company is seeking to expand the concept to other communities not yet lucky enough to have their own Inside Playground.

Why Inside Playground?

The timing is right!
The children's indoor playground industry offers a vast marketplace where the potential has now become even greater because of school budget cuts, decreasing opportunities for safe play in parks and neighborhoods, and the ever changing weather, that leaves millions of our children inactive and below minimum standards of strength, flexibility and endurance. The need for more children's indoor playgrounds is apparent, and the field offers an abundance of opportunities to those who love children.

Our Programming Works & Fits the Community Needs!
Inside Playground has developed an extraordinary combination of recreational and educational programs to help children 8 months through 6 years of age engage with both fine and gross motor activities from morning to evening, 7 days a week, and at the leisure of the parents and kids. The children of all cities need an indoor playground - Whether it is too hot, too cold, or too rainy, or whether it simply serves to replace the dangerous outdoor playgrounds or the very expensive, strict and time-limited schedule of weekly classes.

Join Our Team & Benefit from Our Knowledge & Collaborative Spirit!
We have the knowledge and the right system to help you establish and run your own professional indoor playground. We will save you on opening and running costs, and help prevent unnecessary trial and error. You will receive corporate support every step of the way - Franchisees are trained in all aspects of the business, and we are always only a phone call or E-Mail away.

Become an Inside Playground Franchisee

There are many benefits to becoming an Inside Playground franchisee. From concept to execution you will receive our full support, knowledge, and tools to successfully establish your playground and see it grow for years to come.
Our support and knowledge system includes:

• Playground Site Selection & Buildout - We will demystify the process by providing you with a step by step procedure, including building & zoning requirements & permits, reasonable lease rates & terms, renovation estimates and advice to optimize your functionality vs. cost, demographic guidelines, and balancing location visibility with pricing.

• Financial Guidelines - Learn from our proven experience and track record, and save money by avoiding trial and error - We will provide you with an initial start-up expense breakdown, a sustainability evaluation, and a financial operations guideline.

• Toys, Furnishings, and Dealer Connections - Establishing a playground makes you realize time and time again what toys, equipment, flooring, and facilities work, and which ones fail or regularly break down - We will save you the trouble by recommending our time tested toys and connecting you with the best dealers, and advising you on space layout and furniture, including paint and floor surfaces that are both safe, long lasting, and economical to renew.

• Operations Training & Support - Each franchise location will receive a complete day-to-day business operations manual, including safety guidelines, work flow, cleaning & maintenance, marketing, public relations, programming (daily playtime, special events, private parties, classes, etc.), other amenities and offerings (vending machines, snacks, ice cream, food, etc.), automated web-based front desk and back end system (booking, scheduling, online registration, etc.), website template and designer referral, customizable marketing materials (logos, brochures, event ads & flyers, etc.), complete pricing structures for all programming and membership options, staff hiring, training, scheduling, and management, customer service guidelines, accounting procedures, and ongoing phone and E-Mail support from our chief supervisors.

• Franchise-Wide Knowledge Base, Conferencing, and Gatherings - One of the biggest advantages of being part of a successful franchise is the ongoing sharing of knowledge and the franchise-wise advancement that is possible by putting our heads together to improve our business and satisfaction over time. Inside Playground is committed to the concept of life-long betterment. We will facilitate this goal by providing you with access to both learning from other franchise locations and providing your input and experience (via our private franchisee blog and Wiki [online knowledge base]), by holding regularly schedule phone conferences, and through business gatherings.

What Are Your Next Steps?

• Answer our "Franchise Questionnaire" and ask us any preliminary questions we may have not answered in above info provided.
• Complete our prospective franchisee eligibility verification (financial qualification, background check, franchise term acknowledgement, etc.) and sign our non-disclosure agreement.
• Upon our determination of your eligibility, we will contact you to initiate a feasibility assessment and begin the formal franchise proceedings (legal paperwork, franchise deposit fee, discovery day, etc.).
• Finally, we will get down to the brass tacks and work with you to establish your new franchise location!

Franchise Questionnaire